About Dan Carroll

I’m told that in writing you’re supposed to have something at the beginning to grab the reader, a joke, or something interesting that pulls them in. I couldn’t think of anything, so I decided to describe a writing principle in a desperate attempt to sound profound.

Anyway, let me actually begin. My name is Daniel Alexander Carroll I’m currently a home schooled Junior in high school. For two years I was on an FTC robotics team called Team Overdrive. I spent last summer teaching kids how to program robots at a learning center called Storming Robots. Now I teach one class a week at Storming Robots, in addition to the C++ algorithms class I take there. When I’m not trying to make computers do what I tell them, I like making comic books. My only problem with the comics is my incessant inability to draw.

That was a good summary. Quick and to the point. Unfortunately, most of the things on this website will not be able to be described in that way. I’m going to use this blog as a place to put some stories of my many teaching and robot adventures. If I ever finally finish a comic book I’ll probably put it up here too. Lastly, I’m going to make some summary and demonstration pages about some of the C++ projects I’ve done. Minimax Tic-Tac-Toe AI, Huffman compression programs. That sort of thing.

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